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awesomeee February !
Sunday, February 26, 2012

1st February
roller yo !
*with Yus and Isnabila

5th February
kenduri kakak Syai kahwin.
*with Yus and Ainul

17th February
photoshoot. and zoo's TRIP with Yus and Anis.
*with Yus and Anis

18th February
Avril BLACK STAR TOUR yooo !
*with my auntieee <3

24th February
lepak-ing with Yus, Husna and Anis at McD Simpangg. karaoke partyyy !
(sorry no picture are allowed) haha !

25th February
Najwa Latiff's Taiping tour
*with Yus, Anis and Husna

29th Februaryy
got my baby back, Aki. and BBQ partyyy !

okayy? awesomeee tak February aku. haha. so, March, pleaseee pleaseee pleaseeee. make me happy ! 22nd of March. Im waiting for you. Im hoping for you. Im praying.

since its 2nd of March, Happy Birthdayyy ummi <3 keep rockin' my world ! I love you. Saranghaeee :')

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