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Monday, June 3, 2013
Assalamualaikum and Hello peeps :)

Long long time ago. I was like... so addicted to this blog. Look how I create it. Haha 

Right now, I don't have time for writing. seriously, even I'm jobless, nothing to do at home, online 24/7, but still.. I don't spend my time for writing. Haha, yeah. 

Recently, I went to UPSI for interview. Sarjana Muda Pendidikan Perakaunan. Haha, seems funny right? I really don't think I can make it as a teacher. seriously. I went to IPG jugak. See? Nampak tak permainannya? HEBAT. 

UPSI's interview - individual. I have introduce myself dalam BM je pun. Then, they asked me to speak English and talk about current issues. Haha. I talk about MBIMBM. I really don't know about it actually. Kinda hentam je. And lepastu, He ask my pointer kat matriks, I was like "bukan ke kat borang tu ada tulis -,-", Haha. Then I told them la whats my pointer. 

Pastu dah, He said "wow, you should make it consistent if you're here. and surely you will label as first class"  . Then, the end, terus dia kata "If then, okay la" Punyalah lama nak tunggu. Turn aku no 15 and I was like third last you know. Everyone has been interview for about 15minutes, and aku punya tak sampai 10 minit rasanya. What a life! Kene tunggu tu yg buat aku bosan gila. 

IPG's interview - group. It was fun actually. Kene duduk dalam group, then having discussion. Introduce ourselves. We're having not-so-serious discussion. And our discussion is about MBIMBM. Thats why la I talked about that for UPSI's interview. 

Just that, IPG guna result SPM. If I'm selected, I will be entered with junior la. seems weird. but I don't think I can make it, speaking tah pape je and TESL is not my option! 


 Oh ya, It's June babe ! And Imma happy girl :)

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