Mine Space Quote Entry
What my tiny little heart say
Saturday, July 6, 2013
She used to be my best-friend-forever. USED TO BE. Idk where the hell the word "forever" come from. Nothing last forever. People change. And I'm still wanna be your best-friend-forever. Eventhough, you might be thinking that I was wrong. Cause I left you behind. 

You are my best-friend. till I know that your problem is not mine. till I know that you didn't care. till I know that I'm not the first one to know your problem. I did know that you, once, had stabbed my back. But, I ignore that. I acknowledge it. Eventhough I know it's hurt. I keep on being your bff.

I remember, when my picture used to be with you all the time. in your purse. But now, I knew, there's someone else filling up that space. I realize it when I see a picture of your new friend was there. It hurts me enough. You'll know that. From that time, I give up. I give up on being a good friend, I give up on being your gangster friend, I give up on bullying you. I give up on telling my problems. 

I know I probably much too late, but, I'm sorry for all my mistakes, for all kind of my attitudes towards you and for not being caring. I am so happy, I am so glad to have friend like you. So beautiful, caring, and lemah lembut. Its hard for me to find a friend like you.

I hope, the person that fill up my space are doing fine. Hear your problems, be there when you need, not bullying you like I did, know how to comfort you and taking care of you. I hope. I wish. I pray.

I don't want her to be like me. I don't know how to react when I know you're sad. I just sit there, watching the tears fall, lend my shoulder, keep my mouth shut and doing nothing. 'cause I really don't know how to comfort people. I'm sorry, too much of "I don't know". I should not be your best friend because I know NOTHING.

You, probably didn't care.

My heart hurts and my eyes burn with tears.

Sorry for the grammar mistake. I am not a band 5 student. Its hard. 

Forgives people easily. Everyone has the right to accept forgiveness.

Sincerely from, 

A cute-gangster little girl,