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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Annyeong semua.

Am I do the right thing? hidupkan balik this blog. Fuhhhhh its been a longggggggg time since i jadi blogger tegar lol. 3 years and finally Ive realize yg sbnrnya I do have a blog (ni semua gara gara esaimen usahawan) lol.

So, what Ive done in 2013 onward? Growing older, becoming success? *face palm* hahahahaha

Lemme update my current life gituuu. Oyeah, Imma big girl lady now. 22 years old and currently doing my degree at ....(should I or should not?) HS. *I decided not to expose my u's name. So, this year gonna be my last year here. Another 1 month left till I go back home doin nothing haha eh tak. Practically, 1 month doin nothing and continue to do my internship at accounting firm.

Well, yeah. Thats what Im doin right now.

So, till the next post I guess (don't really know whether I want to continue blogging ke tak) Mmmm
Gdnight peeps xo

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