Mine Space Quote Entry
Monday, December 12, 2016
Oyeahhh am goin to curse out loud today ! Before anyone kecam, am goin to say sorry first cuz this is officially me cursing out loud. Hahahaha lol

Now I realize, I have something that I reallllllllly hate, like seriously. I hate it when si polan ni gelak. Sometimes sampai masuk mimpi. I mean I heard those scary laughing even in my dream yo, how do you feel? huh. Sometimes I fikir jugak, is it because I am not happy? or do I have a mental illness? sampai tak boleh (menyampah) tgk she's laughing. hahaha lol sgt kan? 

Kadang tu when I stress or even have any quiz or exam (kinda in stress situation), she would definitely will laugh out loud like HELL-OOOOO! DO YOU KNOW I HAVE AN EXAM TMRW?????! I did not have any option besides writing this here, well of course i wanna write up on twitter, but mmmm si polan ni follow i pulak. Dah sah sah she know I was talking abt her kan? Agree?

So, I take this opportunity by writing this up. Its like am releasing all my stress gitu. 

Hoping si polan would realize that I really hate her laugh, cuz I aint got no time anymore for her k. Hmmmm.

Till then,
From the one who could still bear with you till now.